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  3. Digital Impact Will Raise Your Digital Marketing to New Heights - Small Business Trends

For maximum impact, here are three secrets to success to make sure your chats with users develop into lasting relationships.

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There are two different versions of WeChat for overseas and Chinese users. If you want to connect with Chinese users, you will need a domestic account. But getting a domestic account can be easier said than done. You will need an official business account. To get this, you need to prove you are a legal entity registered in China and supply WeChat with your business license and other relevant documents before you can begin. It can be tempting to cut corners in this lengthy process.

Geoff Ramsey

However, this is not a good idea, given many Chinese users have been burned in the past by untrustworthy, low-quality domestic products. First, you need to decide which type of account you want: a subscriptions account for content, or a services account for customer service.

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Choose wisely because this decision is irreversible — however, you can open up to 50 different accounts to suit the various divisions of your business. Without a vision, follower traction will fade. This will make sure your followers stay engaged.

Look at WeChat as a customer management tool that focuses on providing good customer service and interesting, relevant content that builds relationships with your users. As you get to know them, you can then send tailored information and encourage them to share with their friends.

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  4. Consider fusing online and offline content to promote your brand. Some argue that the Internet is just another channel which needs managing just the same as other channels e. In just about every sphere of promotion — advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, public relations — CD Roms, web sites, personalisation and interactivity are making fundamental changes to the way marketing works.

    For example:. You need a web site — even if only as an on-line brochure. You need to advertise to get traffic to your web site.

    marketing strategies 101, online marketing strategy basics, and best practices

    You can provide a web address in advertisements to provide further information or to capture customer information and orders. Digital television and the broadcasting revolution including web TV makes mass advertising practical and affordable for much smaller companies than previously. There are all sorts of new advertising media now available — electronic posters, information kiosks, banner advertisements, on-line directory entries etc.

    Interaction and multimedia are challenging the creative treatments of advertising as well.

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    What is the impact of technology on marketing?

    Database technology aligned with digital printing of short runs of full colour promotional materials has had a dramatic impact on direct mail. Email lists make it easier to have more regular and focused communications with key customers and clients. The use of call centres and computer assisted voice telephony are rewriting the books on customer service and fulfilment.

    Permission marketing is where customers provide information about their needs and preferences and agree to the supplier using this information for further marketing activities. Brochures and publications are now electronic, interactive and tailorable to the specific needs and interests of smaller markets and even individuals.

    On the WWW, the customer decides what information they require and in what order so some level of supplier control is lost. Desktop design and publishing is reducing the need for and cost of expensive designers and printers — sadly, good design is becoming rarer as more amateurs try their hands.

    Digital Impact Will Raise Your Digital Marketing to New Heights - Small Business Trends

    Client communication programmes are much more easily maintained through the use of email and electronic communications — which also reduces the cost of postage. Media relations can be enhanced by providing background information and news releases on web sites. The Internet environment has generated a wide range of additional media which are hungry for good content.

    Those tasked with selling can use the Internet to undertake fast research into prospects. Electronic presentations can be easily tailored and presented desk side or remotely by email or teleconference.