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Food scientists and researchers in the dietetics area, individuals dealing with food policy, and undergrad and postgrad students in food engineering, biotechnology, emerging technologies, safety issues and quality control. He is an experienced and oft-published researcher and editor in the field of nano and biomaterials, and he is the Editor-in-Chief of three journals: Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, Letters and Applied NanoBioScience, and Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Bulletin.

He also serves as editor or guest editor for several notable journals. Grumezescu has published peer-reviewed papers, 20 book chapters, 6 co-authored books and 11 edited books. Her primary area of research is the development of bionanomaterials with antimicrobial applications. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier. We would like to ask you for a moment of your time to fill in a short questionnaire, at the end of your visit. If you decide to participate, a new browser tab will open so you can complete the survey after you have completed your visit to this website.

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Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Dietary supplements--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Pathak, Yashwant. Dietary Supplements. QU Ansong and Seema Y. Pathak Chapter 6 Physiochemical Characterization of Nutraceuticals Tran and Kimberly K.

Daugherty Chapter 12 Nutraceuticals in Diabetes Management Kotwal Chapter 14 Probiotics and Prebiotics as Nutraceuticals How to Use Them? Tran Chapter 22 Nutraceuticals: Reflections DeFelice Index Most of the others are potential ones.

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Unfortunately, the nutraceutical movement has not been as vigorous as it deserves to be. Books on nutraceuticals, such as this, are urgently needed to keep the flames flickering. The chapters in this book, authored by international experts, cover a broad, promising range of medical-health topics, ranging from cardiovascular therapeutics to mental health to inexorable aging. The scope of nutraceuticals is as broad as that of pharmaceuticals but still lacks serious consideration from critical segments of the health industry. And searching through the labyrinth of reasons behind this neglect, the principal one is unequivocally attributable to a lack of proper economic incentives.

Vibrant nutraceutical basic and applied laboratory and clinical research are intimately intertwined and dependent on an appropriately structured marketplace, very much unlike our current misinformation-driven one. For example, as a result of massive marketing-driven misinformation, Americans now blindly believe that all antioxidants are good for you. The reality is that some antioxidants are good, some are not, and some may harm you, depending on how much and when you take them. The foundation and growth of a truly health-oriented nutraceutical marketplace are based on two major factors: the freedom of a company to make a medical health claim and the availability of sufficiently strong proprietary products to justify corporate basic and clinical research and development investment to make money.

It is as simple and unromantic as that! At the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine conferences, I, in addition to addressing the resolution of the medical-health claims issue, emphatically and repeatedly stressed that the rational choice of ingredients coupled with proprietary nutraceutical formulations were essential for the successful establishment of a research-intensive nutraceutical health sector. It would be, although very complicated to understand, almost equivalent to the protection given by pharmaceutical product patents.

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We are fundamentally talking about optimum ways to deliver ingredients that are both water soluble and fat soluble and that effectively arrive at intended receptor sites in a way that is acceptable to the gastrointestinal track. Stephen L. A balance among the individual, society, nature, and the Creator has always kept the world moving. Human beings, over the ages, used herbal and mineral drugs provided by nature for their ailments and treatments of disease.

The indigenous systems of medicines, which were developed by different communities much before the advent of the allopathic system of medicine, were mostly dependent on using several herbal drugs, always in combination with many ingredients. For instance, Ayurveda developed a specialty known as Manas-ayurveda, which addressed the mental condition of the patient. Similar importance has been given to mental conditions in many other indigenous medicinal systems.

The human body was studied at different levels of understanding, and hence all these traditional systems thought that there cannot be just a solo treatment for any diseased condition. One has to address the needs and problems of the physical body, intellectual setting, and mental condition. Finally, they also looked at the spiritual needs of human beings and provided treatment for illnesses using different spiritual practices. A whole science of breathing exercises and meditation was developed; in recent days, it is widely used especially for post-cancer patients, postoperation patients, and mental patients.

Years of Vitamins: The Science of Formulation is the Key to Functionality

The Newtonian—Cartesian worldview of recent centuries, in which the body has been viewed as a machine and health as a purely physical condition, has held that most diseases are caused by infections rather as multidimensional imbalances within the host. Physicians tried to treat the person with one single drug for one disease. However, they lacked a holistic approach to health; instead, they focused on isolated treatments for symptoms.

This led to the development of significant medical sciences that discarded the traditional systems responsible for the treatment of the common man for thousands of years. Ancient wisdom that identifies the foundation of nutraceuticals in the marriage of xiii xiv PREFACE seed and soil, combined skillfully with the best of modern allopathy, stands the best chance of bringing health and harmony to the people of the world.

Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be for you. Nutraceuticals, first defined by Dr. Stephen DeFelice, has combined the words nutritional and pharmaceuticals, which reflects that these products have a potential as treatment and need to be treated similar to pharmaceuticals.

Most of the chapter authors have pharmaceutical backgrounds and have been working in pharmaceutical education and in the pharmaceutical industry. This book covers various aspects of nutraceuticals. The first two chapters deal with the historical perspective of nutraceuticals, including definitions and challenges. The next three chapters offer insight into the nutraceutical ingredients from plant, animal, and mineral origins. Chapters on nutraceutical formulations and applications cover nutraceuticals, applications in cardiovascular area, bone and joint treatments, diabetes management, weight management, skin health, probiotics and prebiotics, tranquilizing medicinal plants, dietary foods, and so on.

The field of nutraceuticals is so vast that to cover all the applications was beyond the scope of this book, yet we tried to cover the major applications. There are many more not covered here, but adequate information is available in the literature.

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I have included two chapters with the leading research for the two important nutraceutical ingredients curcumin and pomegranate juice. The chapter on nutraceutical safety and toxicity gives some insight into this aspect. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Thank you very much to Dr. My family always bears with me in all these ventures, and it always takes their portion of time.

I am highly indebted my wife, Seema, and my son, Sarvadaman, for their kind support. Kotwal InflaMed Inc. Caraka Samhita Sutrasthana The physical body is the product of diet and sensory inputs i. Similarly, all ailments are the product of faulty dietetics and lifestyle. Wholesome and unwholesome diets and lifestyles are fundamentals of health and disease.

The system is crumbling under its own weight. Chronic diseases, most notably the umbrella categories of overweight and obesity that guarantee so many cascaded chronic diseases, are becoming a norm in modern life.

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  8. Recent investigations in healthy and long-living years and beyond societies of the world reveal that they have diet, lifestyle, and environment remaining essentially unchanged for millennia and conducive to good health and lifespan [Cox and Guyer ]. Thousands of years ago, a comprehensive understanding of life—one that incorporated all that is good in life and all that is bad, all that is useful and all that is harmful, at the levels of the physical body, senses, and soul—emerged in an ancient, knowledge-based Vedic culture.

    Particularly, he noted the highly advanced medical system and training at these institutions. It is widely known from the historical literature of India that Alexander, before his demise in Alexandria, Egypt, established a scholarly exchange program between India and Greece, particularly in the field of natural sciences, including Ayurveda.

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    These scholars of Ayurvedic medicine made invaluable contributions to the field of medicine of ancient Greece and Western countries. In its long history, India has suffered many setbacks during many invasions. During the British rule of India, the Ayurvedic system was marginalized and slowly got replaced by the British allopathic system, particularly among the population centers of urban areas and educated sectors of the Indian population. However, the medical system has largely remained intact, often as a family tradition of vaidyas Ayurvedic physicians and in some kingly states.

    In its search for affordable and sustainable healthcare for the nations of the world, the WHO surmises that the comprehensive, spirit-mind-body-environment principles of the Ayurvedic medical model [Patwardhan ] need to be adopted and incorporated in the emerging healthcare model s of the world. Susruta Samhita Health is the state of equilibrium of doshas, agnis transformative physiological system functions , dhatus tissues and organs , and malas metabolic byproducts , along with sensorial, mental, and spiritual well-being.

    According to the Ayurvedic model, lifestyle and nutrition in a given environmental context is the glue that holds the equilibrium to bring about optimum health. They recognize the fact that our heavily processed food supply, coming from crops grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and often genetically modified seeds, lacks sufficient nutrients necessary for optimum health. DeFelice, MD, in The term further implies that the health-promoting goodness.

    It is longer than , there has been an explosion of var- War and Peace. The point is that an apple a day can keep ious kinds of nutraceuticals, in terms of the doctor away and might even be suggested by the docshould he or she show up, in lieu of medicines. Nutraceuticals are a multi-billion focal point in fiber, fructose, and flavonoids.

    Many new entrepreneurs FIBER and pharmaceutical companies have Apples are great sources of both soluble and insolentered the nutraceuticals field with uble fiber, the latter being a powerful antidote to cholesthe intention of improving their bottom terol. According to the February 23, issue of the line.

    A chronic diseases in different parts of the medium-sized apple provides 5 g of insoluble fiber.