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Myths, says Frey, are the basis of all storytelling, and their structures and motifs are just as powerful for contemporary writers as they were for Homer. He then demonstrates how the hero is initiated—sent on a mission, forced to learn the new rules, tested, and suffers a symbolic death and rebirth—before he or she can return home.

The Key is designed as a practical step-by-step guide for fiction writers and screen writers who want to shape their own ideas into a mythic story.

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They took Cortez to be him: believing this story caused them to lose their empire. There was a legend in France in the middle ages that in a time of great crisis a young maid would lead them to victory over their enemies. When an ignorant peasant girl showed up saying dead saints were telling her to lead their armies to kick the English out of France, she was believed. Thousands flocked to her cause. The entire nation of Germany once believed a story that the Aryan race born of God had a special mission to rule the world.

It took millions of lives and put countless cities in ruins to kill the belief in that story. The entire nation of Japan once believed a story that the Japanese were a race born of God that had a special mission to rule all of Asia. Millions more lives were sacrificed to this. Once, the Soviet Union told a story of how the masses would rise up and slaughter the evil of capitalism and usher in not just a new society, but a new mankind.

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Millions of people died in service of this story. If instead of becoming a writer you had joined the hare krishnas, say, your family might be shocked. The bald head, the orange robes. By mastering your craft, by bleeding through the forehead, you are gaining a sort of supernatural power, the power to create stories that cause people to enter into a kind of trance, to be in the story world that you have created, to think and feel things they never would have thought or felt in their ordinary life. You are creating stories that tell people how to live and how to believe.

You can actually bring change to the world; you can give voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. People with this kind of power are scary. This, they say, is the information age. It is the writers, my brothers and sisters, who mold the information, who amplify it, who manipulate it, who form it into stories.

No matter your success in the commercial aspects of you craft, you are repaid for your agony. All the blood coming out of the forehead is worth it, because you can experience what all creative people — writers, artists, musicians — experience: the ecstasy of being a co-creator of the world. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! Frey and a shout-out to StoryFix, of course. Pingback: Jennifer Blanchard - Writing Coach. I always had a fondness for creating people and stories. I always had a slight talent for art, and even invested lots and lots of time developing this particular skill. It came as a great suprise that my desire to draw people and invent worlds for them to live in was not as fulfilling as I always wanted it to be.

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For the life of me I could not figure it out. I enjoyed drawing painting , and had no trouble being glued to a paper for eight hours a day straight- but the desire never really stayed with me as I wished it would. What I always would do was to scribble down notes of my invented characters.

And over time the notes had grown almost more than my drawings. Still I had no idea that it would mean anything beyond the laughs I got out of it. I started out late, with literally everything. When I was twenty years old I started looking up books on screenplays. See, this is where my comicphase came along. Because even though I enjoyed painting a lot, I would always find myself doing a series of twenty or more pictures of the same motive.

I wanted to tell a story rather than to just show one glimpse of it. So I set my goal. I wanted to combine both, drawing and storytelling. And the only way I thought this would be possible was as a comicartist. And when I say comics, I mean deep as deep as possible for a moron like me stories, not Pokemon. I realized pretty early on that in order to do this I had to know the craft.

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  7. I wanted to organize my thoguhts, my themse, discover what the heck a plot is and how it all works together. It was a most interesting experience. I literally ate up everything I could get my hands into. Over the years, I grew even more interested in all things related to screenplay, movies, television and writrs in general. All in the believe that it would imporve my storystructure in my comics which it did! I did not notice that I hardly even missed the drawing and painting, for to me, writing was always just a means end to draw my characters and stories the proper way.

    How to Write a Damn Good Thriller

    I never realized that I only enjoyed drawing soo much because it empowered me to get all these ideas down in some way. Imaginig myself as anything even close to a writer was not only absurd, but it simply never even crossed my mind. Only very late did I realize that just because you are slightly more gifted at certain things, it does not mean that they are right for you. I was happiest when that happened and it is still a great tool I use! And only very lat did I realize that the one thing I really wanted was to tell a story.

    And because drawing was all I could do, I foolishly thoght it was the only way for me. Writing was. I have only discovered this a couple of months ago. What ultimately linked all my previous attempts was writing. It came easier than I expected, and it stayed. Since I have thought that my career would be in art, I have decited to study something that would allow me to be able to provide this unsafe direction.

    It was a pain, but since I was interested in chemics anyways, and because I really, REALLY wanted to have a profession that would allow for both, lots of freetime and enough money to go by, it was an investement well worth it. I wake up every morning earlier than I ever thought possible for me to write. But not books, not stories. I write about structure, about scenes, about plotpoints which I have only really grasped this past week!!!

    And thanks to you I now really know that a hook is NOT a plot! I write for three hours, then I take a walk, go out, watch a movie and go back to study chemics. Every evening when I go to bed, I spend two hours forming sentences in my head, creating scenes. And the fun thing is, it really works. The next morning or even the next week I am able to actually remember my words. And I am happy with it.

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    Yes happy. I am a happy writer. I am twentyfive years old and happy thinking about writing! Be forgiving!! English is not my best language! It is reaction, BEYOND the thinking mind, often combined with an extraordinary physiological reaction women lifting cars off children, etc.

    How to Write a Novel in Thirty Days (or How to Write a Book in Thirty Days) - Day 4/30

    My eyes actually teared up. Thanks for this. Excellent article.