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Motoki, M. Trends in Japanese soy protein research. Norman, A. Soybean Physiology. Agronomy , and Utilization. Academic Press, New York. Orthoefer, F. Soybeans for food uses. Paulsen, M. Using machine vision to inspect oilseeds. Probst, A.

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Soybean Abstracts

Modern Soybean Production , 2nd ed. Shurtleff, W. Smith, A. Chemical composition of the seed. In Soybeans: Chemistry and Technology , A. Smith and S. Circle Ed.

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Smith, R. Nitrogen fixation. In Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Lea and R.

Leegood Ed. Soya Bluebook, — Soyatech, Inc. Bar Harbor, ME. Spencer, M. Effect of shipping on quality of seeds, meals, fats, and oils. Sun, H. Cropping systems and research with soybeans in China. In Soybeans for the Tropics , S.

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Singh, K. Rachie, and K. Dashiell, Ed. Vest, G. Nodulation and nitrogen fixation.

Whigham, D. The LJ trait was also used to convert temperate culinary soybean varieties from eastern Asia to subtropical—tropical adaptation, although susceptibility to disease required the simultaneous introgression of resistance genes from additional sources. Several elite LJ oilseed and culinary varieties with broad adaptation in eastern Australia have since been developed. Like Melrose, these varieties are earlier maturing — days duration than traditional, full-season cultivars — days depending on sowing date , less sensitive to photoperiod, and require higher plant populations than full-season varieties for maximum yield.

However, they can be grown over a wider range of latitudes and sowing dates than full-season varieties. Similarly, the LJ trait was used to delay flowering of very early flowering, photoperiod-insensitive soybean varieties used in Asian farming systems, increasing yield potential without changing photoperiod insensitivity. The book begins by discussing soybean production in the United States and worldwide; the uses and economics of soybean products; and the soybean in physiological research.

Soybean physiology, agronomy, and utilization [1978]

It explains the growth and development of soybeans. It discusses the physiological processes responsible for assimilating the plant body from the environment, namely photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, and nitrate reduction. Subsequent chapters examine the impact of environmental variables—such as light, temperature, water, wind, and pests—on soybean plant characteristics as well as soybean breeding, production, processing, and utilization.

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